The fundamentals of shirt care

1. In other to iron your shirt with minimal efforts its best to iron shirts whilst damp. If it is fully dry then you should dampen thoroughly with water using a spray bottle.

2. Where you have time on your side you can keep the dampened shirt for half an hour in a plastic bag to ensure that the moisture is evenly distributed.

3. Begin ironing with one of the sleeves. Stroke it smooth then iron from the middle outward otherwise light creases will be pressed into the shirt. Only iron the folds at the end

4. For a single- button cuff, iron facing upward. Where the collar is double curves, unfold the cuff and iron it completely  smooth. Then fold the cuff once in the middle and iron in the fold (ensure the button holes lie flat on top of each other).

5. Place the back of the shirt with the inside down on the ironing board. Pull the shirt tight and iron smooth. When you do this take care with back pleats. It must be ironed evenly. Place the back pleat on narrower edge of the ironing board so that  it runs parallel to one side. Hold the shirt tight while you ironing the pleat. Then repeat the whole process from the other side.

6. Iron the collars from the tips in so that there are no creases on the outside of the collar. This is particularly important with soft button-down collars. Turn the collar over and iron on the inside. Insert the collar stiffeners into the collar and turn it over.

7. Now iron the breast of the shirt. First lay one half on the ironing board with the outside up and iron it smooth. If it is the right side with buttons, then iron carefully around the buttons. Repeat the process again for the other side

8. Its best to keep shirts hanging up.